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Bold - Meaningfully Different?


As this is our first blog, we thought it made sense to tell you why we’re here.

It’s pretty easy really.…we want to provide an alternative headwear to the usual suspects. Of course, there’ll always be a place for baseball caps, wide-brimmed sun-hats and scarves that always take an eternity to tie the way you want them, without coming undone! But why not have another choice, that combines style with comfort and versatility? Add to that, the fabric is durable, soft, breathable and lightweight, and you can see why we think there’s room for something different.

Be confident - make a subtle statement that you like things to be a little different. Meaningfully different.

If you subscribe to our future blogs, you’ll also get a sneak preview of our new additions to the range each month. Seeing the new style a few days before it goes live on the website means an early opportunity to take advantage of our always-limited-supply designs.

Featured Product:  Band of Gold (Green)

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