Want more "Oh Yeah" & less "Meh"? #BeBold with 15% off your first order!

Are you a Fairy or Unicorn? Bold Sizing

Don't forget to Care for Me:

Whenever I get dirty, turn me around, & gimme a cold hand wash. Don't put me in the dryer or iron me 'cause I'll burn. If you use bleach on me I'll be screwed. Oh... & sunbaking after a swim ruins my complexion. When I'm clean, don't forget to take me everywhere & always remember to #BeBold.

Each piece of Bold clothing is designed with a s#*tload of love & wine by Kate, & is handmade with care in China by Stella & her friends.


Small to Medium People & Fairies Medium to Large People & Unicorns
100% Fleeced Cotton Sequin Hoodies
Chest 41 Inches 45.5 Inches
Length 27 Inches 28.25 Inches
100% Cotton Cropped Hoodies
Chest 34 Inches 16 Inches
Length 38 Inches 17 Inches
Oversized Bamboo T-Shirt Dresses / Sleepwear
41 Inches
46 Inches
33 Inches
35 Inches
Dry-Fit Sports Singlets
36 Inches
40 Inches
25 Inches
28 Inches


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